Put On Your Digital Armor

New Risks in a Digital Age

Every customer and agent interaction today is a digital interaction – in every channel and every transaction type, all the time. Human and paper interactions are being replaced by digital ones that too often sacrifice risk selection and fraud prevention for convenience and speed.

Increasingly savvy customers use their online anonymity to find and exploit ‘digital holes’ in carrier defenses. They patiently manipulate their history, identity, and online activity to mask their intent – across channels, systems, and time – until they succeed. And as carriers respond, so do they, driving an ever-accelerating cycle of action and reaction.

An unprecedented wave of digital fraud is here, carriers need a major digital boost to respond.

Time to Reimagine Your Virtual Defenses

Carriers seriously underestimated the dramatic increase in rate evasion, write-offs and claims fraud that digitalization enables. They are only now recognizing the need to modify and scale their fraud prevention defenses for this fast-changing world. But carriers have some powerful new assets to work with. They’ve invested over $200 billion in robust, secure processing systems that provide a foundation for a new model. They must surround these powerful core systems with highly flexible cloud based defenses built with cloud native applications and tools..

Carriers must put on a strong layer of ‘digital armor’ that preserves core systems integrity while adapting to rapidly evolving rate manipulation and fraud across all channels and products .

Are You Ready to Armor Up?

Do you exchange information with cloud service services through an API? Do you regularly feed policy and claims information to data warehouses? If you do, you can use idFusion’s digital depth of defense to substantially improve your digital loss ratio.

Are you struggling to win business from internet savvy millennial and Gen Z customers? Do you want to increase your close rate while avoiding excess losses? Then it’s time to put on your digital armor.

idFusion: Digital Armor for a Digital Age.


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